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Welcome to, the official website of DJ/Producer Mikey Sky!

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The Background

Sweat pouring, fists raised, an army of party-goers stomping to the same beat, there’s little doubt that Mikey Sky formerly BassTrixx, is the 5-Star General of the party scene. This musical mastermind has been decimating dance floors with his stomping beats in clubs and venues all across Canada.


Standing beside other artists such as Dada Life, Spencer & Hill, and Felix Cartal, Mike has always left the crowd frenzied and wanting more. The energy he provides comes from his standing order to those in attendance: get dirty, get crazy, have fun. To help his followers meet this command, Mikey Sky has a salvo of musical ordnance he created and plays: mash-ups and bootlegs of Top 40 hits, underground anthems, and his own self-produced original tracks and remix's.

Mike originally began DJing on vinyl at 15 years of age in the year 2000.  Self-taught playing UK Hard House & Hardstyle records, Mike practiced for years, mastering the techniques and skills to be a top-notch DJ in his genre before breaking out on the Toronto rave scene at festivals such as WEMF.  

After a significant break from music, Mikey Sky got back to his musical roots when he graduated with a certificate in Audio Engineering & Music Production at Okanagan College.  

With a loyal listener base, premier DJ and production skills, and all out party mindset, Mikey Sky comes to every event armed and ready. Some step up to the decks to drop bombs, while artists like Mike create revolutions on the dance floor.

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